Washington Post Fact Checker Debunks False Democratic Talking Points on Veterans’ Cuts

May 4, 2023

Democrats ran up a huge tab and caused a spending and debt crisis. They are addicted to spending our money and they don’t want the gravy train to end.

It is becoming clear Democrats’ only plan is to make up false attacks out of thin air about House Republicans’ solution. Lies and demagoguery will not fix the spending crisis Democrats created.

In case you missed it…

White House touts illusory ‘VA cuts’ as GOP ducks budget specifics
Washington Post
By Glenn Kessler
“The specific numbers used by the White House give an illusion of accuracy to made-up math.”

“The VoteVets ad, using the White House numbers as a source, takes the spin to a Four-Pinocchio extreme, suggesting veterans may die when in fact no vote on the fiscal 2024 Veterans Affairs budget has yet been cast.”

“There’s no logical reason, except potent politics, for why the White House would take Republican lawmakers at their word that they would not touch defense spending but ignore similar assurances on veterans spending. Since the Sept. 11 attacks, veterans’ health spending has soared with bipartisan support.”

“The White House acts as if the numbers it conjured up are real, when in fact veterans’ benefits are unlikely to be cut, especially at such magnitudes.”