Bidenomics vs MAGAnomics? Yes please

September 14, 2023

The White House is itching for a fight between Bidenomics and MAGAnomics, according to Axios, and so are Republicans.


Grocery costs:$666.10 per month in 2020 vs $975.80 per month in 2023

Gas Prices: May 2020 $1.78vs September 2023 $3.80

Mortgage Rates: December 2020 2.67vs September 2023 7.12%

No wonder polling already shows MAGAnomics holds a 11 point polling advantage over Bidenomics.

NRCC National Press Secretary Will Reinert: Extreme Democrats’ galaxy brain economic messaging amounts to telling families not to believe their lying eyes. Attack, explain, or slice and dice – there is no way this ends other than voters blaming Joe Biden for depleting their bank account and destroying their quality of life.