Why the WH dropped “Bidenomics”

September 15, 2023

MAGAnomics holds an 11 point polling advantage over Bidenomics, but that isn’t stopping the White House & extreme Democrats from throwing another Hail Mary in a desperate attempt to gaslight voters.


  • Three in five voters polled disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, and 63% of voters don’t like how the president has handled inflation, according to WSJ polling.
  • The Census Bureau found that the poverty rate spiked to 12.4 percent in 2022, from 7.8 percent.
  • CNBC polling “shows Biden failing to reverse widespread pessimism around the economy, despite a summer-long push to tout his record.”
  • Even 68% of Democrats “reported it’s difficult to be happy about positive economic news when they feel financially squeezed each month,” according to the Guardian’s polling.
  • In a Suffolk University Sawyer Business School/USA TODAY Poll“three of four people volunteered words that reflected worry and worse.”

NRCC National Press Secretary Will Reinert said: “Republicans already won the messaging war over ‘Bidenomics’ against extreme Democrats and the ‘MAGAnomics’ fight will end with the same result.”