Report: Violent juvenile crime up in Albuquerque

October 3, 2023

Just months after Gabe Vasquez backed lower penalties for violent crimeviolent juvenile crime is up in Albuquerque.

Local officials are sounding alarms about “a troubling trend” as juvenile violent crime is at its highest rate in four years in Albuquerque. This comes right after the latest news that carjackings rose 11% in 2022 and that Albuquerque had the 17th highest homicide rate in the nation. 

When asked about how he has enabled this crime crisis, Vasquez belittled concerns, saying“New Mexicans aren’t worried about D.C. politics.”

“Gabe Vasquez voted for soft-on-crime policies and now his district is feeling the consequences. As crime skyrockets in Albuquerque, Vasquez is making life harder and scarier for families.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar