Criticism of Val Hoyle records scandal growing

November 17, 2023

Oregon’s current public records advocate just called Val Hoyle’s use of personal devices for government business “problematic.”

Oregon’s former public records advocate said, “She’s obligated to turn over those devices so they can be properly searched. I don’t think that the public should have to trust her to do her own search, because obviously there’s a conflict of interest there on her part.”

Willamette Week reported “Hoyle’s reticence to hand over her texts, and her personal devices, stands in stark contract to a statement she made in March 2020.”

At the time, Hoyle claimed, “Easy access to the work government does is at the foundation of our democracy. […] I am fully committed to making public records as accessible as possible for press and members of the public. […] open and ready access to public records will be critical for all of us.”

“‘Unprecedented.’ ‘Problematic.’ Untrustworthy. Val Hoyle must stop hiding her corruption and turn over her devices immediately.” – NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen