ICYMI: WFP Hires New Radicals

November 17, 2023

In case you missed it…New York’s Working Families Party recently hired two new activists who are even more extreme than their predecessors. This should bode well for all the so-called moderates that will use their ballot lines next cycle! Or will they? 

“The lack of reflection in New York Democrat circles is malpractice but we aren’t upset by it.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Savannah Viar 

New York’s Working Families Party Hires Co-Directors Who Want to Defund the Police
National Review
Audrey Fahlberg  

In case you missed it…

After watching a handful of Biden district U.S. House seats swing toward Republicans during the 2022 midterms, New York Democratic Party chairman Jay Jacobs seemed to have a clear-eyed assessment of how his own party erred.

“This was an issue-driven election,” Jacobs said in a postelection interview. “And I think that the issue was crime.”

But as per usual, the head of New York Democrats’ chief political apparatus may already be having trouble getting Empire State progressives on the same page. New York’s Working Families Party — a labor-backed minority party and grassroots organizing group that typically backs progressive candidates in primaries but often lends its ballot lines to mainstream Democrats in general elections — is handing over its leadership reins to two progressive organizers who have a long history of expressing support for defunding the New York City Police Department.


The minority party’s decision to empower anti-police activists within its own ranks ahead of a presidential-election year is not at all surprising given the group’s ultraprogressive views. “We are absolutely not here just to support the Democratic Party and to get them out of a crunch when they get there,” Archila told Politico in a glowing profile of the two new co-directors last month. “Our goal is to get progressive leaders who truly identify as Working Family Party candidates and whose values are aligned in key places.”

In recent years, the group has also notably lent its ballot lines to a number of swing-seat Democrats such as Representative Pat Ryan in the Hudson Valley and progressive representative Mondaire Jones, who is vying for a comeback against first-term representative Mike Lawler.

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