Another national headline about Eric Sorensen…

April 4, 2024

Eric Sorensen is making national headlines yet again… check out what he’s saying now:

“It’s no question Eric Sorensen’s indefensible positions are raising eyebrows across the country. When will he finally be held accountable for his comments and policies that are wildly out of touch with his voters?” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Marinella


  • Earlier last month, it was revealed that Eric Sorensen has hosted youth drag events and has spoken out against banning drag for children.
  • When Sorensen was asked if he regrets hosting drag shows for children, he responded that he does not regret it.
  • Sorensen served on the board of an organization that hosted a “youth book club” that planned on reading graphic novels that contained illustrations of sexual contact, masturbation, a sex toy, an erotic scene of a man and a boy, and depictions of menstrual blood.