Eric Sorensen silent about cashless bail and his soft on crime policies

April 5, 2024

After a woman out on cashless bail has been charged with kidnapping and first degree murder in Rockford, Eric Sorensen has continued to be silent about cashless bail and the soft on crime policies he supports.

Read more about his policies and past comments from the Illinois Review here or see excerpts below.

Cashless Bail Leads to Rockford Man’s Murder, Rep. Sorensen Silent, Fearful to Offend Political Allies of Dangerous, Pro-Criminal Policy
Illinois Review
April 4, 2024

U.S. Rep. Eric Sorensen, a Democrat who represents the 17th congressional district that includes Rockford, has been silent on the murder of his constituent – fearful he might offend his political supporters who passionately advocated and supported cashless bail and pretrial release for dangerous criminals.
In 2022, Sorensen campaigned alongside Democrat Illinois State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, who defended the controversial policy, arguing that the “right wing extremist MAGA propaganda” was creating false narratives about cashless bail and she found the rhetoric offensive. Gordon-Booth, who spoke at a fundraiser for Sorensen alongside Democrat Illinois State Sen. Dave Koehler, joined forces to attack Republicans for “peddling fear” about the controversial policy.
“All of the sudden, the right wing is peddling fear. Fear is a very big motivator. You scare everybody into thinking we’re letting out criminals willy-nilly. That’s not true,” said Koehler.
Sorensen is also supported by Equality Illinois, who proclaimed last year that “The end of cash bail in IL will begin to advance meaningful public safety, not wealth.”
Just after the November election in 2022, Equality Illinois issued a statement congratulating the Congressman-elect on his victory, saying, “We look forward to advancing justice with U.S. Rep. Sorensen.”