ICYMI: Buckhout says Davis is “beholden to Biden”

April 8, 2024

Laurie Buckhout didn’t hold back on her thoughts about Don Davis’ time in Congress, pointing out his allegiance to Democrat Party bosses and failing to deliver real solutions for NC-01.

In case you missed it…

Former Army colonel seeking to flip North Carolina House seat says Dem opponent is ‘beholden’ to Biden

Fox News

Kyle Morris


Laurie Buckhout is the GOP nominee running against Rep. Don Davis, D-N.C., in the race to represent North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District in the House. She spoke to Fox News Digital about her candidacy in the race, which has been ranked as a “Democrat Toss Up” by the nonpartisan elections analyst Cook Political Report.


“Davis is just Biden’s, you know, surrogate on the ground. He’s his agent, he’s his guy. He does what Biden says, he votes with Biden.”


“Has he made any changes or put forth any bills to stop the [border] invasion? No. Has he done anything to stop illegal aliens [from] bringing fentanyl into the state or to his district? No.”


“This is the poorest district in North Carolina. It’s been Democrat-led for 141 years and maybe that’s the reason.”


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