All’s Quiet on the Leftward Front

May 6, 2024

POLITICO recently reported on the numerous House Democrats who have yet to say anything about the recent indictment of Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX-28) despite having quite a bit to say about former Rep. Santos. 

Per POLITICO, “The argument is simple, from their view: Republicans moved to clean house and remove a member of their own party — why won’t Democrats? 

As a reminder, Rep. Eric Sorensen had this to say about Rep. Santos: “The House GOP has protected George Santos every hour of every day. The choice is clear: restore the integrity of the institution or continue with fraudulent liars.”

And here is what he said about Rep. Cueller’s recent indictment: *crickets* 

“The House Democrats’ official slogan is ‘people over politics.’ Are they going to subscribe to that or no? Will Eric Sorensen call on Rep. Cuellar to resign?” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Marinella