Michigan Democrats’ silence is deafening

May 30, 2024

Jewish Insider reported Senator Gary Peters slammed Rashida Tlaib for appearing at the People’s Conference for Palestine, where antisemitic and pro-terror messages were celebrated and an activist with ties to a group designated by the U.S. as a foreign terrorist organization was welcomed. 

Do you know who refused to condemn Rashida Tlaib? Every single Democratic member of Michigan’s Congressional delegation like Hillary Scholten. We also haven’t heard a peep from Curtis Hertel or Kristen McDonald Rivet.

“It should be very easy to condemn an antisemitic colleague, but that’s apparently too hard for a party that has caved to their terrorist-sympathizing wing. Extreme Democrats Hillary Scholten, Curtis Hertel and Kristen McDonald Rivet should speak up now. Their silence is deafening.” – NRCC Spokesman Mike Marinella