NRCC paid digital ad campaign exposes Janelle Bynum’s extreme soft-on-crime record

June 13, 2024

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) today announced a new paid digital ad campaign exposing extreme Democrat Janelle Bynum’s shocking comments praising the 2020 Portland riots and her radical soft-on-crime record.

Watch the ad HERE.

“Janelle Bynum is the ringleader of the far-left circus that turned Portland into a crime-ridden wasteland while threatening the rest of Oregon will be next. Bynum teaming up with defund the police protestors and carrying water for their radical agenda in Salem shows she cannot be trusted to keep Oregonians safe.” – NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen


Not only did Bynum back a plan to release thousands of criminal inmates, Bynum said “it was pleasing to see the protests” and claimed “we pass legislation in concert with protests.”

Bynum then teamed up with defund the police and prison abolition groups to pass dangerous soft-on-crime legislation, which police said prevented them from responding to future riots. Bynum even voted to give defund the police groups millions of taxpayer dollars.

Meet Janelle Bynum.
Oregon’s most pro-criminal politician.
Bynum supported the plan to release two thousand criminals from jail. 
Voted to give millions to defund the police groups after deadly riots.
And what did Bynum say?
QUOTE: “It was pleasing to see the protests.”
QUOTE: “We pass legislation in concert with protests.”
Police officers even blamed Bynum for preventing their response to riots.
Tell extreme Janelle Bynum: protect Oregon families, not criminals.