NRCC Posts Record-Breaking Election-Year May Fundraising, Outpaces DCCC

June 20, 2024

The National Republican Congressional Committee announced a record-shattering $12.6 million May 2024 fundraising haul — a Committee record for an election-year month of May.

The NRCC’s May haul bested the DCCC’s fundraising by more than $732K.

“Growing the majority is a team effort, and we smashed this fundraising record with the help of everyday Americans and our incredible leadership team,” said NRCC Chairman Richard Hudson. “Families don’t feel physically or financially secure with extreme Democrats running the country; they’re opening up their wallets to ensure there is no chance Democrats continue to wreak havoc on their daily lives next year.”

The NRCC raised over $1 million from small-dollar donors in the days following the Trump trial verdict — 32% of whom had never previously given to the Committee.

By the numbers:

May 2024 Raised: $12.6M

Cycle-To-Date Fundraising Total: $147.4M — a $9.5M increase over the previous presidential cycle.

Cash on Hand: $64.6M — a $16.9M improvement over the delta in fundraising between the NRCC and DCCC from the previous presidential cycle.