trigger warning: human remains on NM-02 border

June 24, 2024

Over the weekend, a new term was coined to refer to NM-02’s border crisis: “America’s border graveyard.”

The report lays out the gruesome details of “bones piled up and migrant bodies” from illegal immigrants trying to cross the border into NM-02. If this doesn’t display the seriousness of the border crisis, what will?

And yet, Gabe Vasquez ignores the border crisis. In fact, just last month Vasquez stood on the same mountain these remains were found and tried to claim Republicans were lying about illegal immigrants crossing there… clearly we aren’t lying.

“Gabe Vasquez doesn’t take the death and destruction from the border crisis seriously. New Mexicans deserve to be represented by someone who shares their values, and by ignoring the pain at the border, Gabe has shown he is clearly unfit to serve border communities.” — NRCC Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar