CAUGHT IN 4K: Vargas refuses to support Israel

June 26, 2024

It can’t be denied anymore: Tony Vargas is hiding where he stands on Israel.

On multiple occasions, Vargas has been asked for his position on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and every time he refuses to state his position.

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Democratic Nominee in Key House Race Against Don Bacon Hasn’t Been Very Forthcoming on Israel


June 26, 2024

We’ve brought up Vargas’ name before, as he’s been among those Democratic candidates in competitive seats who has been rather silent on supporting Israel after an attack from Iran as well as when antisemitism occurs at his alma mater, in this case, at the University of Rochester. Vargas still continues to be silent on the issue.

Just before winning his primary, Vargas took a trip to D.C., where he was asked if he had any comments about “the situation in Gaza” and if he would “condemn the antisemitic comments on college campuses.”

Each time, Vargas replied, “I really appreciate you coming out,” even as he refused to answer multiple questions, including, “So you can’t condemn antisemitism?” When the person asking the question sought to confirm, “So you will not condemn antisemitism,” Vargas visibly shook his head, though he then tried to say, “That is not what I said,” as he nevertheless walked off.

But again, this isn’t exactly new, and Vargas has been asked multiple times from both sides about his stance.

In the weeks before winning his primary, Vargas’ fundraising event was heckled by the anti-Israel group known as Nebraskans for Palestine which posted to their Instagram page how they managed to chase Vargas out of his event and to his car. They bombarded him with questions as to why he wouldn’t join their calls for a ceasefire, but he merely said, “Thanks for coming.”


Since the October 7 attack, Vargas appears to have only posted to his X account twice about the conflict to share his support for Israel, on the actual date of the attack, as well as to post about a pro-Israel gathering on October 10.


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