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Portland gas prices up almost $1 in one month
WA gas prices up almost 70 cents in one month
AK gas prices up more than 50 cents in one week
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OR gas prices rise faster than anywhere in US
OR gas prices almost $1 above national average
Caraveo’s war on energy
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WA ‘hurting the most’ from high gas prices
IL gas prices jump 40 cents in a week
WA gas prices break more records
OR gas prices break more records
OH gas prices jump 15 cents in one day
Illinois average gas prices breach $5 for first time ever
Washington State gas stations prepare for $10-gallon prices
Record-high gas prices in OH
Record IN gas prices
Record MI gas prices… Again
Economists slam Schrier’s gas pricing legislation
Record gas prices… again
Gas prices hit $5 in Seattle for first time EVER
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