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#BidenBorderCrisis: Vol. 386
VOX: VA-02 voters don’t care about Jan. 6th committee
Dem finger-pointing begins…
RACE RATINGS CHANGES: Cook shifts CA-47, CA-26, CA-09 toward GOP
NEW: IL race ratings shift toward Republicans
NEW: OR-05 Race Rating Moves to Leans Republican
#BidenBorderCrisis: Vol. 385
NEW CA-22 AD: “Not For Us”
NEW NE-02 AD: “No Way”
NEW WA-08 AD: “Heartbreaker”
NEW OH-13 AD: “Charge”
NEW NM-02 AD: “California”
“New TX-28 AD: “Cartels”
NEW TX-34 AD: “One Shady Character”
NEW RI-02 AD: “The Pain”
NEW PA-17 AD: “Definition”
NEW NY-22 AD: “Awesome”
NEW NY-19 AD: “Help the Victims”
NEW VA-02 TV Ad: “What’s Best”
NEW MI-08 TV AD: “Never”
NEW MN-02 TV AD: “Record Time”
NEW ME-02 AD: “Numbers”
NEW CT-05 AD: “Still”
NEW MI-07 TV Ad: “Took Care”
Maloney is flailing
Malinowski is squirming
NYT: In New England, Republicans Push to Flip More Seats as Moderates
#BidenBorderCrisis: Vol. 384
NEW AZ-06 TV AD: “Bad Ideas”
ICYMI: Chairman Emmer details midterm pickup opportunities on Fox News
NEW MI-08 AD: “Real World”
Zimmerman accepts help from Jill Biden
#BidenBorderCrisis: Vol. 383
Maloney’s disastrous selfish week
NEW OH-01 TV ad: “For Nancy”
COW FARTS: Enough to cause inflation, not too smelly for Mike Levin
Democrats’ California nightmare
#BidenBorderCrisis: Vol. 382
Let’s check in on the Dems…
Axne: Biden should be on Mt. Rushmore
Logan leads Hayes in new poll
Air Force admits to improperly leaking Jennifer-Ruth Green’s military record
Cartwright embraces Biden on the campaign trail
Will Gonzalez and Cuellar push back on Congressional Hispanic Caucus?
NEW RACE RATING: OR-05 “Leans Republican”
Cook Political Report: CT-05 a “Toss Up”
#BidenBorderCrisis: Vol. 381
Axne thinks it’s “racist” to want secure borders
RATINGS CHANGE: NY-22 “Leans Republican”