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NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Statement on MN-01 Election
NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Statement on the MN-01 Special Election
NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Statement on MN-01 Special Election Primary
NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Statement on MN-01 Election
NEW MN-01 AD: Extreme Feehan
Jones and Feehan paid by shady nonprofit to run for Congress
NEW MN-01 AD: Double Dan
Feehan backtracks
NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Statement on the MN-01 Primary Election
Does Feehan want to defund the police?
Is Feehan OK with bailing out violent criminals?
Minnesota Dems embrace alleged sexual predator
#MeToo? Will MN Dems break their silence?
#MeToo? Do Minnesota Dems think Biden should be investigated?
Does Feehan support Pelosi’s partisan stunt?
and they’re off!
Stop dodging, Dan!
Dan Feehan comes out for impeachment
DC transplant/socialist loser Dan Feehan to try again in 2020
Wandering DC transplant and socialist loser Dan Feehan to try again in 2020
An illiterate editorial board or fake news peddler?
Not COOL, guys. Not COOL.
Tim Walz’s Hypocritical Press Conference
Huh? Tim Walz abandons vets after joining Armed Services Committee
Tim Walz vs Collin Peterson
Will Annie Kuster Stand Up to Obama and Demand Accountability?
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Ruiz’s Vote Hurts Hiring, Shrinks Paychecks, Cuts Hours
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Take A Long Look, Ann Kirkpatrick
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Rick Nolan Votes To Keep IRS Targeting
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