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NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Statement on MI-06 Election
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FACT CHECK: Hoadley voted to defund police
FACT CHECK: Hoadley is a radical liberal
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Child hair sniffer endorses pedo sex poet
Pedo sex poet voted to force victims to study with their abusers
No comment?
Pelosi endorses pedo sex poet
DCCC stands by pedo sex poet
Netflix and “Cuties”?
Happy birthday pedo sex poet!
MIGOP Chair condemns pedo sex poet Hoadley
Hoadley admits he wrote pedo sex blog
did you mean to tweet that?
Cheri Bustos and the DCCC must disavow pedo sex poet Jon Hoadley
ICYMI: Crystal meth and Pre-K thongs
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Hoadley votes to defund the police
Does Hoadley want to defund the police?
Exciting announcement!
About that Hoadley “poll”…
Hoadley gets another socialist endorsement
Hoadley touts socialist endorsement
Hoadley backs Dem efforts to remove President Trump, headlines pro-impeachment rally
two socialist peas in a pod
Hoadley touts endorsement from org under federal investigation
politically panhandling during a shutdown?
Omar protégé announces bid for Congress