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Sentencing May End DOJ Earmark Probe
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Ex-Air Force Official Gets Six Months in Earmark Case
Two Former Colonels Sentenced in Military Contract Case
Former Colonels Sentenced in Military Contract Case
Retired Air Force Officer Convicted in Contract Case
Richard Schaller Convicted in Earmark Probe
Mark O’Hair Cooperates in Military Contracting Case
Mark O’Hair Accepted Kickbacks
Mark O’Hair Pleads Guilty in Murtha Earmark Case
O’Hair Pleads Guilty, Two Face Trial in Local Defense Contract Cases
Air Force Project Being Probed
Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty to Taking Kickbacks
Ex-Contractor Accused of Kickbacks
Kuchera Mentioned in Court Papers
Contractor Faces New Charges in Earmarks Probe
Earmark Money was Illicitly Distributed According to DOJ
Defense Contractor Charged
Former Contractor Held by Feds in Kickback
Ex-Contractor Charged in Kickback
Former Defense Executive Charged with Taking Bribes
Critz Tied to Air Force Program Built on Earmarks